Tsinghua AI Association of International Students (TAIS) news roundup 9 June

Photo by Xiaoci YU on Unsplash

When it comes to AI, Beijing is leading the pack. [China Daily]

Alibaba Kicks Off Spending Spree With $1 Billion for Cloud. [Caixin]

Xiaomi reportedly reorganizes the team to increase bet on mobile chips. [CnTechPost]

First HarmonyOS-powered refrigerator goes on sale. [CnTechPost]

Meituan said to plan 60,000 new hires this year to double its workforce. [CnTechPost]

Chinese auto association raises the NEV sales forecast to 2.4 million units this year. [CnEVPost]

Huawei expands alliance with game developers on cloud gaming as phone business suffers. [PingWest]

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Compiled by Nico Gous (nico.gous@yahoo.com)




Tsinghua AI Association of International Students @ Beijing, China

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Tsinghua AI Association of International Students @ Beijing, China

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