Tsinghua AI Association of International Students (TAIS) news roundup 24 March

Photo by Zhipeng Ya on Unsplash

Baidu Has Spent Over $15 Billion on Research in the Past Decade, CEO Declares in Letter to Shareholders. [Pandaily]

Beijing Calls for Use of 5G, Blockchain and Big Data to Drive Growth in Smart Manufacturing. [China Banking News]

Beijing’s E-Town Rolls Out Favorable Policies to Boost High-Tech Development. [China Briefing]

Chinese AI Firm Horizon Robotics Expands Auto Chips Usage Among Car Makers. [China Money Network]

At the Right Place, At the Right Time: How Baidu is Cementing its Position as a Leading AI Company. [Pandaily]

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Compiled by Nico Gous (nico.gous@yahoo.com)




Tsinghua AI Association of International Students @ Beijing, China

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Tsinghua AI Association of International Students @ Beijing, China

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